Personal Finance Daily: Weekend reads: Get ready for even more inflation and while feds gave students pandemic relief from debt burden, some universities took them to court

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As Fed signals a 25-basis point hike later this month, here’s what that means for your credit-card bill, savings and mortgage repayments

Fed Reserve Chair Powell supports a ‘series’ of rate increases, he said. Read More

Russia’s war in Ukraine has closed airspace, impacted airlines — and disrupted the transportation of air cargo

Approximately $6 trillion in goods is shipped by plane each year, representing 35% of world trade. Read More

Google isn’t the only company requesting workers go back to the office: Jobs report shows more people are joining the Great Return

Google recently announced its return to office plans starting in April. Read More

Weekend reads: Get ready for even more inflation

Also, retirement locations and investing ahead of increased military spending and for a long period of high energy prices. Read More

‘He had nothing to fall back on’: My parents supported my brother for 12 years. Shouldn’t they give the same amount of money to me?

‘They could have just as easily donated tens of thousands of dollars to dog shelters every time my mom saw and heard Sarah McLachlan on TV.’ Read More

While feds gave students pandemic relief from debt burden, some universities took them to court

A MarketWatch investigation of Philadelphia-area cases found schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers and Drexel filed over 100 lawsuits in 2021. Read More

Review: The roomy, versatile 2022 Ford Expedition

The 2022 Expedition is all about roominess, plus it offers a new hands-free driving feature and a new off-roading model. Read More

How to travel with a group without fighting over money

Set a reasonable budget, communicate clearly and agree to expenses ahead of time. Here are more money tips for group travel. Read More

‘I see big problems on the horizon’: My elderly father is losing his cognitive abilities. I’m afraid my 4 siblings will take over his $300,000 bank account, and move into his house when he dies

‘Not one of us will have any say in keeping any of the others out.’
Read More

Melinda French Gates says Jeffrey Epstein factored into divorce from Bill Gates

Epstein ‘was evil personified,’ she says — and she was ‘very clear how I felt about him’ with her ex-husband Read More

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