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From MarketWatch:

My wife and I are preparing for retirement and want $250,000 in an emergency fund alone – what’s the best way to store that cash?: This couple is right to want to save money in an emergency fund for their retirement years, but what’s the best way to balance liquidity and the ability to gain some returns? 

It’s not too late to start investing in your 50s and 60s, you just need the right strategy: It’s never too late to get into the stock market, but consider your approach carefully. 

We’re an outdoorsy family looking for an ‘eclectic’ town where we can eventually retire. Where should we go?: Have some specific requirements for your dream destination in retirement? Ask MarketWatch for some suggestions. 

Also on MarketWatch:

What can we do when our older, frail mother refuses our assistance? 

The most advised generations – boomers and Generation X – are retiring. They demand more and different advice for this life stage.  

Planning for retirement? Taking care of these 4 things can help you succeed 

You may have missed Biden’s mention of Medicare in the State of the Union – but it could be life-changing for many 

This Social Security tax is a scandal hiding in plain sight 

Here is another reason to wait until 70 to claim Social Security 

Life lessons from a group of ‘rebels’ who have learned to answer the tough questions about growing old

More in retirement news:

Retired NYC workers celebrate Medicare coverage switch court win (The City)

I’m retiring soon. How does the pension exclusion work? (

Do ‘bucket’ investment strategies make sense in retirement? (Wall Street Journal)

IRI hopes ‘Secure 2.0’ retirement legislation will pass by year’s end (Barron’s)

Let’s find a way to help Rhode Islanders face retirement (The Boston Globe)

Research and Insight:

86% of people do not want retirement savings funding Russia, say campaigners (Yahoo News UK)

101 Must-know retirement statistics for 2022 (Entrepreneur

Morningstar takes deep dive into state of the retirement system (NAPA)

Nursing home staffs’ vax rates by state (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Retirees: What out for your pensions – inflation isn’t just affecting grocery bills

Here’s how to get started dealing with all of your stuff, and what to do with it 

How the Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm posed a real challenge to Medicare officials 

Trying to fill open jobs at your company? One of the 15 million retirees between age 55 and 70 might be able to help 

Easy technology that can help you connect virtually with your grandkids 

Consider stretching out your retirement savings by doing this 

After 200,000 COVID deaths in nursing homes, White House unveils reforms 

5 things you should know about the job market this year – and how to use them to improve your career

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