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Police rescue deer trapped in swimming pool

St. Patrick’s Day started out fairly unlucky for one deer in South Bend after it found its way into an empty backyard pool… but couldn’t get back out. Fortunately, 1st Detail Officers Gutierrez and Kaszas stepped in to help the deer turn its luck around. The officers, along with Animal Control, first attempted to lure the deer to the pool steps so it could walk out on its own. However, the animal became frightened and jumped back into the pool just as it had a chance to escape. After exhausting several other tactics, Officer Gutierrez managed to pick up the trapped deer and safely lift it out of the pool. The deer then darted away from the backyard and returned to the wild. Kudos to Officers Gutierrez and Kaszas for using inventive ways to help rescue this animal in need! All in a day’s work for SBPD! Video credit South Bend Police Department

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