Personal Finance Daily: Biden says latest Strategic Petroleum Reserve release could cut gas prices 10 to 35 cents per gallon and Mortgage rates zoom past 4.5%

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Los Angeles’ guaranteed income program will pay 1,000 people $1,000 a month for three years — here’s how it works

The application window is now open for ‘Breathe: LA County’s Guaranteed Income Program’ Read More

Biden says latest Strategic Petroleum Reserve release could cut gas prices 10 to 35 cents per gallon — but some experts worry about long-term costs

The largest-ever release of oil from the country’s strategic reserve comes as average gas prices have topped $4 per gallon nationally Read More

Mortgage rates zoom past 4.5% — here’s what home buyers need to know

‘We’re at rates that we thought we might see at the end of the year,’ one economist said, underscoring the rapid increase in interest rates. Read More

The BMW X7: A handsomely designed SUV that makes a statement

If you want a big luxury SUV and have a big budget, the BMW X7 is a strong contender. Read More

What is a sinking fund and why should you have one?

A sinking fund is better than it sounds. It’s a good way to get ahead of predictable costs and prevent unwanted debt or dipping into your emergency fund. Read More

‘We’re headed for a family feud’: My father offered his 3 kids equal monetary gifts. My siblings took cash. I took stock. It’s soared in value — now they’re crying foul

‘Both are insistent that I’m taking money that is morally theirs. There’s no changing their mind.’ Read More

My husband and I bought a retirement condo in 2008, and he died two years later. The condo is worth $50,000 more than we paid. Should I sell it now or wait?

‘While I still have a mortgage on my primary residence, I am wondering if I should sell the condo since it has now recouped the original selling price.’ Read More

Biblical tax cheat pleads guilty to filing for $2.9 billion in phony refunds to buy five-bedroom house, Mercedes Benz and Cadillac Escalades

David Isagba and his wife collected nearly $6 million in refunds for made-up trusts, then fought the IRS for years as the government tried to reclaim the money. Read More

A 40-year mortgage? One Fed official thinks it’s a good idea. But others say it’s a risky proposition.

Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Patrick Harker suggested that a longer-term mortgage could help some homeowners avoid default. Read More

Processed foods like ramen packets and frozen pizza can hurt your heart — and the globe, study says

Our reliance on packaged ramen, frozen pizza and too much pasta doesn’t only put our health at risk — highly processed diets are damaging the planet, study says. Read More

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