The New York Post: This economy bites: Slice of New York pizza now costs more than a subway fare for first time

A slice of pizza now costs more than a subway fare in New York City.

That breaks the “pizza principle,” a New York City economic precept that holds that the price of a piece of cheese pizza and a single ride on the subway rise together, staying the same price.

The typical cost of a regular slice is now $3.14, well above the subway’s $2.75 fare, Bloomberg reported.

And with New York Gov. Hochul committed to keeping the subway train fare frozen for the time being and inflation showing no signs of abating, the gap may widen further.

The pair of city essentials for New Yorkers have risen more or less in lockstep since the 1950s, Bloomberg said.

But the price of a slice is now above $3 in every borough, for the first time ever, Bloomberg said — lowest in Brooklyn ($3.06) and highest in Manhattan ($3.26).

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