Personal Finance Daily: The ‘best-paid internship’ in America pays almost $10,000 a month and my wife and I need to sell our ‘starter home’ of 40 years because we can’t handle stairs. When is a good time to buy a new one?

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My wife and I need to sell our ‘starter home’ of 40 years because we can’t handle stairs. When is a good time to buy a new one?

‘We were told using an offer on a new home with a contingency regarding the sale of our current home would result in any offer being rejected.’ Read More

Tim Ranzetta is on a mission to make financial-literacy classes mandatory in high schools. But there’s one simple financial lesson he wishes he knew growing up

‘As an entrepreneur you are always looking for a gap between the way things should be and the way they are.’ Read More

Who is the richest person in the world? Jeff Bezos no longer has the top spot

The total wealth of billionaires fell to $12.7 trillion this year, down from a record $13.1 trillion in 2021. Read More

‘This isn’t your money’: Las Vegas cop indicted in string of audacious casino stick-up robberies — prosecutors say he allegedly used his own police-service weapon

Active duty police officer Caleb Rogers is accused of taking $164K from three Vegas Strip casinos in armed hold-ups. Read More

The ‘best-paid internship’ in America pays almost $10,000 a month

Glassdoor released its list of top internships for 2022, and tech jobs dominated the list. Read More

The 2022 Lexus ES hybrid is luxurious, spacious, quiet and delivers superb value

The Lexus ES defies the notion that luxury cars lose their value quickly. Drivers will love the quiet cabin, comfortable ride and reassuring reliability. Read More

Credit card debt will get more expensive—here’s how to pay less interest

Whatever the Fed is up to, it’s always a great time to make a plan to pay down your high-interest credit card debt. Read More

4 ways to reduce your environmental impact when you travel—and save money, too

There are many low-cost or free ways to be a more eco-conscious traveler. In fact, some of them can even save you money. Read More

Elon Musk, Twitter’s largest single shareholder and board member, pledges ‘significant improvements.’ Will Tesla’s founder revolutionize the Twitterverse?

Twitter shares jumped on the news that the Tesla founder and occasional critic of the platform now owns more than 73 million shares Read More

Leasing a car vs. buying a car — how to decide

A key question to ask yourself: ‘What kind of car user am I?’ Read More

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